A partner you can trust to keep things flowing

Hard water delivered to your business can damage your equipment, disrupt processes and significantly affect your bottom line. And without properly functioning water treatment systems, water is wasted and sustainability becomes an issue. That’s why you need a partner you can trust to keep things flowing smoothly.


With an Axis commercial water solutions, you’ll get:

Time to focus on other tasks

Rather than solving maintenance issues caused by hard or harmful water, you can focus on running your business.

Reliable Service

Our commitment to service means you’ll never wait for a late service person and we don’t leave a job site until you’re satisfied.

Sustainable products

Not only are our products made responsibly, but we help you eliminate waste and become more environmentally conscious.

A single partner

Get safe, clean water at every location of your business.

About Axis Water Technologies

We want to help you protect your investment by keeping your water clean and safe. We understand you don’t have the time to deal with a mess caused by hard or harmful water, which is why we have the best equipment, and invest in the best training and technology in the water industry.

How It Works

Schedule a

We test your water functions
We install a system that delivers safe water to your business

Our industrial water systems

Cooling towers

Over the past 15 years, our controlled hydrodynamic cavitation technology and filtration systems have proven to be the only viable alternative to traditional water treatment methods for refrigeration, process cooling and HVAC applications.

Industrial RO systems

Conventional water can contain metals, including lead and iron, nitrates, chlorine and mineral salts. While technically safe, this water can cause damage to your equipment over time. Axis Water Industrial RO systems consistently deliver pure water to your equipment. 

The Clear Choice

If you’re concerned about the quality of your water, schedule a free consultation to get it tested. We’ll then design a solution to make sure your water is up to the highest standards.
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