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About Axis Water Technologies

We are Axis Water Technologies.

We have been serving Texas with cleaner, better tasting, purer water for over 50 years. Axis Water Technologies is a family owned business that places the highest regard on customer satisfaction and measurable results. Axis serves the greater Dallas-Fort Worth and Lubbuck areas. If you are looking for a commercial, residential, or industrial water filtration system in Texas, look no further than Axis Water Technologies.

Our Team

Adam Joslin

Chief Executive Officer

Adam has led the growth of Axis Water Technologies through outstanding service and innovative product offerings. He is a second generation owner of Axis Water Technologies.

David and Kathy Joslin


David and Kathy started Axis Water 50 years ago – today Axis Water is a leading provider of water filtration in Texas and continues to be a family-owned business.

AJ Bagwell

Industry Leader

AJ ensures that Axis Water Technologies meets the needs of each and every customer by closely managing new business and existing customer relationships.

Mike McKay

Industry Leader

Mike has worked in the water filtration industry for over 20 years. He ensures Axis customers receive the absolute best services and products while supporting the company’s mission to bring cleaner water to Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Our History, Vision And Values

Axis Water Technologies was founded over 50 years ago with the singular goal of improving water quality for residential, commercial, and industrial properties throughout Texas. 

Years Of Experience

Our business has been around long enough to remember taking order with pen and paper, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t evolved with the times. We offer the ability to schedule services and consultations online, while still keeping our service as prompt, professional, and consistent as always.

We Know What To Do

As lifelong Texans, we know our water quality can be an area of coincern for home owners and commercial operations. Water can pick up smells, tastes, and dissolved solids during production and delivery – if your water has any undesirable characteristics, Axis Water Technologies can work with you to understand the root cause of your water quality issues, determine an appopriate water filtration system to address an problem areas, and manage the installation and service of reverse osmosis water filters in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth and Lubbock areas.

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Reviews From Our
Satisfied Clients

“Axis water in Lubbock, TX. Has been installing and maintaining water softener systems and R.O. Systems for the company I’m employed by. Their prompt service and professional installations have benefited our company any many ways. Such has providing quality water for our ice production and prolonging the life of our equipment. Their staff is friendly and very helpful. I recommend this company for any of your water quality needs.”

“Adam and his team are top notch. They was able to come on fairly short notice to get the work done while we had our yard under construction. His installation team was able to work with us on placement. They also made sure not to damage any of the irrigation or grading work we had done. The unit has only been working for a short time, but so far it has been a huge improvement in our water. We can already tell/feel the difference. The Axis team is very knowledgeable of the water supply issues in North Texas. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to our neighbors or use them again if we move.”

“The water in McKinney tastes and smells bad. This spring it had a particularly strong smell of chlorine. I called Mike Patterson at Axis Water Technologies to come test my water. Since I had excellent service from him at a prior residence, I called for his help again without hesitation. He was just as prompt, professional, and informative as he was in the past. I now have an RO system for drinking at my sink and a whole house softening system for bathing and laundry. My water no longer smells bad and now it tastes great. Mike and his crew did a fantastic job installing everything exactly when and how they said they would.”