About Axis Water Technologies

We’re a local, family-owned business that uses the same water filtration systems we sell. We believe that having clean water shouldn’t be something you have to worry about, which is why we have developed the most technologically advanced water filtration systems.

Our Services

Residential water systems

Protect your home and your family from damage caused by harmful water with an in-home water filtration system.

Commercial water systems

Keep your business up and running and ensure your customers are satisfied with our commercial water systems.

Industrial water systems

Axis Water Technologies is your trusted partner, delivering solutions for all your water filtration, water cooling and reverse osmosis needs.

Our History

Though Axis Water was founded in 2015, we have over 50 years of water treatment expertise on our leadership team alone.

Our Mission

Axis Water makes water treatment seamless, allowing you to focus on the goods and services that power your business. We are bringing water treatment into the modern era by using the most advanced technology and highest-quality products to keep your home or business protected from low-quality water and hard water buildup.
about axis water technologies

Our Team

Axis is a family-owned business and we only hire the service men and women that treat our customers like family. When you work with Axis, we pick up the phone, show up on time, answer any questions you have and we don’t leave until you’re satisfied with your water.
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